Hi, I'm Caitlin

I am the daughter of a man who carried his camera everywhere we went. At a young age, I understood what it meant to be photographed, to be seen, to be natural, to be beautiful, to be organic. I knew what it meant to capture someone's spirit with just a click of a button. To this day, I dream of digging through boxes and boxes full of photos....my childhood photos, random photos I find at antique stores, friends' childhood photos, my great aunt's photos, and so on and so on. My goal is to capture what is real in the world. People's happiness, new moments, adventures, and more. I want to teach my friends, family and clients what it's like to be photographed.

My Personality

This is a paragraph about me. I am 30 years 'young,' engaged to the love of my life, William Lollis, and I own the most amazing dog to ever walk this earth....his name is Buster. Originally from "Powdersville, SC" I currently reside in Downtown Greenville, SC and am soaking up every second of it. I am a type 4, which means I am self aware, sensitive and reserved. I'm emotionally honest, creative and personal which are the best things about me......and my hair. I love meeting new people, learning how they operate and what their daily lives entail. I'm a dreamer and a sucker for nostalgia.

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